Health Care

Young adults have realized major gains in health care coverage over the last decade, with more than 8 million accessing insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplaces, Medicaid expansion, and by being able to stay on a parent’s plan. And millions more are experiencing greater benefits and consumer protections.

Despite that, the young adult uninsurance rate has been nearly cut in half since 2010, some federal and state lawmakers are standing in the way of realizing the full progress of the ACA, keeping millions from accessing coverage. That’s why we’re continuing to fight to make health care affordable for our generation — pushing for Medicaid expansion in all 50 states and ensuring that all young people can access critical services like contraception and mental health supports.

With so many young people suffering from chronic conditions, mental health, and medical debt, YI is committed to advocating for policies that improve affordability and access to health care while continuing to support health literacy in young adults through training, resources, and direct enrollment support.

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