National Youth Advisory Board

The NYAB is a diverse group of 15 individuals who weigh in on YI’s work and our strategies for engaging with young adults. Once a quarter, leaders teleconference with YI staff to provide feedback on our campaigns, identify areas for organizational growth, and discuss any new initiatives that YI should consider. Board members will share how our federal work resonates in their states, and help us identify how our federal priorities align with work that is happening in their states.

Meet our National Youth Advisory Board

Regional Advisory Boards

Our Youth Advisory Boards (YAB) allow young adults to weigh in directly on YI’s work and our strategies for engaging with young people. We have established Youth Advisory Boards in each location where we have an office (Chicago, LA, Houston, NYC, Denver, and the DMV). The YAB meets with staff four times a year, where we discuss what YI has accomplished since our last meeting, new campaigns we’re working on, and our plans for youth outreach going forward. No outside work is required, other than staying engaged with YI and coming prepared to talk about how we can make a difference!

Meet our New York Youth Advisory Board

Meet our Colorado Youth Advisory Board

Meet our Midwest Youth Advisory Board