Founded in 2015, the YI New York office works out of New York City and across the state to expand economic opportunity for young adults, and bring young voices into the political process. Since our founding, our New York team has worked on issues related to college affordability, health coverage, and connecting young people to living-wage employment. 

In November 2019, we released a report on the barriers young people experiencing homelessness face when trying to enter and complete college. Our research became the foundation of our campaign to make sure that all college students have access to their most essential needs, like housing, food, and healthcare. After the release of our report, we launched statewide coalitions to end student homelessness and the hunger crisis impacting New York’s college campuses. 

YI New York also advances access to higher education through our partnership and coalition work. We are a founding steering committee member of the CUNY Rising Alliance, where we push for creating tuition-free college at the City University of New York, the nation’s largest public urban university system. We also launched #DegreesNYC with the Goddard Riverside Options Center, and Graduate NYC, a collective impact project to close the college equity attainment gaps in New York City. YI is also the founder of the #NoNYStudent Hungry Coalition, working to increase access to food for New York’s college students.

We also run the New York Young Advocates program, our signature paid fellowship in policy and advocacy. Our semester-long program trains young New Yorkers to develop and lead their own issue-based campaigns, and builds the next generation of civic leaders across our state.

Read below for research, policy ideas, and fact sheets related to economic opportunity for young adults in New York, and check out our 2022 legislative agenda. If you’re interested in partnering or joining our work in New York more generally, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact information:
Sean Henry Miller, Northeast Regional Director
25 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

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  • 2023 New York Policy Agenda

    Overview  As we continue to recover from the global pandemic and exacerbation of systemic barriers, the challenges young adults face, including tuition and non-tuition-related costs, unemployment, health care affordability, and rent prices have risen exponentially. Despite New York’s increasing vaccination...

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  • Shing’s Higher Education Journey 五年

    我现在在英国伦敦做兼职导游来赚钱。很多美国旅客问我为什么来了英国。我跟他们说我来这里 来做演员,而且从Sarah Lawrence College辍学一年后来了这里的。我会跟他们解释我上过两个 不同的community college,然后才考上了Sarah Lawrence。  我的第一个community college是高中之后上的:Foothill College。在Los Altos,加州。我读了三 年左右,到最后GPA是2.5几,最后决定转学把成绩搞好点。我虽然在Foothill的成绩不如意,我 认识了很多国际的好朋友。来自印度,德国,法国,奥蒂利亚,和不同国家的伙伴。这些朋友里 面我有几个现在还是好朋友。那三年是我真正成长的时候。我认识到了我是什么样的一个人。我 在加州长大的所以学费算便宜,我来Foothill的原因也是因为我高中毕业觉得考不上大学,但是想 演戏,就去Foothill修Theatre。Foothill我入学前一年有一个专门搞话剧的repertory,但是我一去 就关了。我从那所学校里学来的演戏的东西个人觉得不算多。太多都话剧了,没有真正去学习动 作,口音,声音。就是很典型的Acting 101,102,和103。到最后我觉得自己不想在这所学校里  面修个课然后拿F,所以决定了转校去芝加哥,在那里我可以拿到好的成绩而且还可能可以盖过 在加州的烂成绩。我个人在加州也觉得呆不下去了。毕竟我一直以来就想要演戏,硅谷不是我想 要待的地方。所以我读完第三年的书,我就搬去了芝加哥。  我刚到芝加哥的时候我其实住在我奶奶家。我奶奶住在印第安纳州,离芝加哥大概40分钟开车。 当时挺幸苦的,我会很早起来开车到火车站,然后搭40分钟的火车进芝加哥。在芝加哥读了另外 一所community college,叫做City College of Chicago。他里面有一个学校叫Harold Washington College。在那里我只管成绩,我想要拿A所以才能上大学。所以我上了很多general education的 课,争取拿到好的成绩,最后大概是GPA3.5毕业的。我还参加了学生会,也是因为想要我的大学  简历看的好一点,其实还挺有趣的。我发现我有一点对帮助学生的热情。我组织了很多活动,我 在这学生会的一个同事也几年后告诉了我关于Young Invicinbles的工作。在芝加哥我认识了很多 很好的朋友。我特别喜欢美国中部的人,像芝加哥人。他们朴实,不怎么做作或者奢华。我现在 身边四个很好的朋友都是来自芝加哥。我花了一年左右在那里毕业的。毕业时还拿着Honors。我 在加州的时候肯定想象不到。  这两所学校才能让我被Sarah...

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