Generation Vaxxed is a campaign powered by Young Invincibles created to address the low COVID-19 vaccination rates among young adults. The vaccination rates compared to other age groups demonstrates a growing public health crisis facing young adults.

Young Invincibles conducted listening sessions analyzing the barriers preventing young adults from getting vaccinated. Misinformation was the top barrier identified by the participants. Armed with successful local outreach strategies in in our vaccine campaign Los Angeles, YI utilized federal funding from Community Catalyst and the CDC to implement similar outreach in Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and New York. 

Generation Vaxxed is now equipping young adults in five states with the correct COVID-19 vaccination information so they are empowered to make informed decisions.

Generation Vaxxed Fast Facts:

  • Five Outreach Specialists, 2 Communications Coordinators, and a National Campaign Manager
  • Operating in Colorado, Illinois, Texas, California, and New York
  • Funded through CDC and Community Catalyst 
  • Utilizing community events, organizing, and strategic communications to reach young adults with information about COVID-19 vaccination. 

Latest updates:

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