The Young Advocates program is a paid leadership program developed by Young Invincibles. Young Advocates work with our teams to strengthen the voices of young people across our issue areas. This includes overseeing on-the-ground organizing, such as planning state and local events to educate and facilitate discussions on pressing issues affecting our generation. They also have the opportunity to work with our policy team to research and propose solutions to some of these challenges, and to work with our communications team to amplify their stories and messages.

The program is a great opportunity for young adults ages 18 to 34 to develop skills and gain experience in the core functions of advocacy and public policy work. Our Young Advocates have a passion for YI’s mission and are interested in building power among young adults to effect positive change in their communities. If you are a young adult interested in becoming more engaged in civic affairs and public policy, then the Young Advocates program is for you.

We currently offer the program in our California, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and New York offices:

For more info about the California program, contact Ruth Sosa-Martinez, Engagement Coordinator, at

For more info about the Colorado program, check out the program outline for Denver and Pueblo. You can also contact Cameron Vigil, Rocky Mountain Engagement Manager, at

For more info about the Texas program, contact Greg Norwood, Engagement Manager, at

For more information about the Illinois program, contact Troy Alim, Engagement Manager, at

For more information about New York program, contact Lisa Nishimura, Engagement Coordinator, at