Mental Health is Preventive Health

This year we released a new policy agenda created by and for young adults focused on the issue of mental health. Read the agenda and join the campaign to fight for better mental health access for young people.

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The Financial Health of Young America

Our new report examines the financial stability of young adults – including a hard look at racial wealth gaps and how the pandemic made them worse. An update to our 2017 report, we review income, employment, homeownership, retirement savings, and student debt to paint a whole picture of where young adult finances are today.

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Meet YI’s Executive Director!

Meet Young Invincibles’ Executive Director, Kristin McGuire!

As a youth organizer by background, and having previously served as YI Regional Director for California, Kristin has built an incredible network of young adults who have formed the advocacy foundation of this organization.

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How Homelessness Impacts College Success in New York City

New York City is in the midst of an educational crisis: the increasing share of students experiencing homelessness. Today, one out of every ten students enrolled in New York City’s public schools lacks a reliable, safe place to sleep at night, while 14 percent of CUNY students face homelessness while enrolled in classes. Young Invincibles spoke with more than 60 young adults across New York City. Our report examines the barriers these young people outlined, along with insights from leading researchers, service providers, and government officials. We also share recommendations for addressing the growing crisis of college student homelessness. 

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Young Invincibles takes on our generation's most pressing economic issues.

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