Young people are fighting for a world free of racism and violence

“Violence against communities of color has defined this nation for too long. Young people want change, and they’re going to fight like hell until they have it. We stand with Minneapolis, with our neighbors of color, and with the nation’s young people.

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How Homelessness Impacts College Success in New York City

New York City is in the midst of an educational crisis: the increasing share of students experiencing homelessness. Today, one out of every ten students enrolled in New York City’s public schools lacks a reliable, safe place to sleep at night, while 14 percent of CUNY students face homelessness while enrolled in classes. Young Invincibles spoke with more than 60 young adults across New York City. Our report examines the barriers these young people outlined, along with insights from leading researchers, service providers, and government officials. We also share recommendations for addressing the growing crisis of college student homelessness. 

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The Financial Health of Young America

Millennials, members of a generation that came of age during one of the greatest economic downturns in our nation’s history, have experienced unique financial hardships that have threatened their economic security and hindered their ability to start independent adult lives. This report compares the financial health of young Americans in 1989 to today’s young adults, revealing major declines across five key factors – income, assets, net wealth, home ownership, and retirement savings. The findings show that Boomers had higher incomes, higher rates of home ownership, and twice the net assets that Millennials have today.

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#HealthyAdulting is a campaign to provide critical resources to Millennials on all things health coverage to care. Our resource hub can help you find affordable coverage and understand how your health care actually works. Use the #HealthyAdulting toolkit for yourself, or to help connect other young adults and peers in your community to coverage, including all-important preventive services. Be sure to join the conversation online as well using the hashtag #HealthyAdulting.

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