Young Invincibles was formed to amplify the voice of young people in the political process. When people who are personally invested in issues show up to events, share their stories, and advocate on the policies that they care about, it has a real impact on decision-makers. That’s why we educate, train, and empower young adults to come together to create policy and social change.

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Young Advocates Programs

The Young Advocates program is a paid leadership program developed by Young Invincibles. Young Advocates work with our regional offices in Texas, California, Colorado, New York, and Illinois to strengthen the voices of young people across our issue areas. The program is a great opportunity for young adults ages 18 to 34 to develop skills and gain experience in the core functions of advocacy and public policy work; as well as build their overall professional skills. Our Young Advocates have a passion for YI’s mission and are interested in building power among young adults to effect positive change in their communities.


Youth Advisory Boards

Our National Youth Advisory Board is a diverse group of individuals who weigh in on YI’s work and strategies for engaging with young adults. Board members share how our federal work resonates in their states and, help us identify how federal priorities align with work that is happening in their states.

Our Regional Youth Advisory Boards allow young adults to directly weigh in directly with YI’s work and our strategies for engaging with young people. We have established Youth Advisory Boards in every location we have an office.