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Generation Vaxxed’s Month of Artivism

March was our month of Artivism (Art + Activism). In each of our regions, we hosted an event that paired art and activism to discuss the impact of the pandemic on young adults.

Three years after the pandemic began, the conversation about Covid-19 has slowed, yet the impacts continue to affect young people in full force. The intersection between art and activism creates a vibrant space for young adults to express how the pandemic has impacted their mental health through various art mediums.

In Texas, we co-hosted Our State Our Stage, where young Texas artists were invited to the Capitol for a day of art, community, and youth power. Young Texans used their art to show our lawmakers that we’re here and ready to fight for the Texas we want and deserve. 

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In New York, we held Pandemic Poems, an event that hosted a beginner-friendly creative writing workshop emphasizing storytelling, facilitated by two artists from Urban Word, about the impacts of all aspects of the pandemic.

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In Illinois, we hosted Post-Pandemmy, an event with 12 local artists, poets, DJs, rappers, singers, performers, and dancers who showcased stories about their mental health and post-pandemic experiences.

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In Colorado, they had a mural and several pieces of art shared in conjunction with their Day at the Capitol. Outreach Specialist Christian Smith created their mural to capture the essence of their Covid-19 work and YICO as a whole. 

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In California, we hosted a paint and sip in Pomona. Participants joined in on a guided painting session and had meaningful conversations on how Covid-19 had impacted their lives. In addition to a discussion on young adults’ mental health in the aftermath of the pandemic, attendees were able to leave with a piece of art they create

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This month was a huge success. Not only were we able to directly connect with communities, but we also had critical conversations about the impact of the pandemic. This month of action was an incredible way to end our Generation Vaxxed campaign.