Meet our California Youth Advisory Board


Dawnyell DixonDawnyell Dixon

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? I joined the YAB because I support efforts that validate young adults have a voice that matters. I was previously a part of the Young Advocates program and was able to gain powerful tools and knowledge on how to better serve and advocate for change within my community and in issue areas in the things that I am most passionate about. Every day I am inspired by the actions being made by young adults and wish to be a supportive part in creating effective change for my generation. I am excited to get to work and learn all in efforts to become a stronger ally, advocate, change maker, and storyteller.


Khalil FergusonKhalil Ferguson

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board?  I joined the Youth Advisory Board to ensure that the perspectives of all young adults are included in policy priorities as they relate particularly to economic development, workforce development, and various issues faced by young adults navigating through higher education.


Veronica WilliamsVeronica Williams

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? I joined because I wanted to make a difference in my community with advocacy and policy work. There is a need for youth voices to stand in the trenches and be able to speak on those uncomfortable political issues that many don’t want to. There is a need for community change and uplifting disadvantaged people and I am ready to be able to be one out of many to make not just my city, but the state of California a better place for the next generation.


Anh Nguyen TranAnh Nguyen Tran

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? I joined the YAB in order to help represent my generation. We feel the heavy burden of student debt and income inequality in our struggle for financial stability, but oftentimes our voices go unheard by elected officials. I want to advocate on behalf of my community in order to bring about political change, and the YAB gives me the opportunity to do so alongside a team of inspiring young leaders.


Migdalia Sazo

Migdalia Sazo

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? She is committed to engaging with communities, increasing civic engagement, and building community as part of the Youth Advisory Board with Young Invincibles. Her passion is to continue engaging and advocating alongside young adults in California, she joined the Youth Advisory Board because it is important to have young voices elevated when it comes to policy change. As a former YI Advocate, she has learned how essential it is to keep the focus of students and young adults on the front lines.


Brooke ScottBrooke Scott

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? I joined the YAB because as a young adult and a young professional I wanted to engage in a space that actively seeks to amplify the voices and needs of individuals within my demographic. YI’s focus on issues of higher education, the workforce, health care, and civic engagement have been integral in my own personal experience and I enjoy being a part of an organization that has crafted tangible results through successful campaigns and legislation.