Young Invincibles serves as a resource for media outlets across the country on a wide range of topics surrounding the economic security of young adults, including health care, higher education, financial security, and careers. We also help connect young people to media opportunities to share their stories. Please find our recent coverage below, and contact us if you would like us to be a part of your story.

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  • Your Presidential Hopes, in 1Graf

    This year’s presidential candidates have stirred up a lot of strong opinions in the U.S., and Millennial sentiment isn’t any different. Many are passionate about the policies our next president should pass, and how that would affect the next generation...

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  • My Mental Health Journey

    Young Invincibles celebrates National Mental Health Awareness Week, and the integral role mental health plays into wellness and navigating health care. Even as mental health is covered under the Affordable Care Act, many young people struggle with stigma attached to...

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  • Your Sexual Health Stories in 1Graf

    Sexual health can be a tough discussion, especially if you don’t have the best resources to answer all your questions. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) covers sexual health and preventative care, so it’s important to contact your health care provider...

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  • Stories from the Coverage Gap

    Last week, Young Invincibles co-hosted the Millennial Outreach and Engagement Summit in partnership with the White House. The event focused on best practices for enrolling young people successfully  in health care coverage, and outlined strategies to address barriers to care....

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  • Your Mental Health Stories in 1Graf

    Many Millennials see health care as a matter of the body: primary care physicians and medical hospitals often come to mind. Between school, work, and sometimes raising a family, emotional health can become an afterthought when it comes to navigating...

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