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Young Invincibles is proud to announce our newest Executive Director, Kristin McGuire!

At a moment in our shared history where young people are harnessing their collective voice, marching in the streets to demand change, and asking for their rightful seat at the table – we are so excited that Kristin will help lead that fight across the country.

In Kristin, young people will have someone that lives and breathes young adult power. As a youth organizer by background, and having previously served as YI Regional Director for California, she has built an incredible network of young adults who have formed the advocacy foundation of this organization.

Moreover, Kristin has led our organization through some of the most difficult conversations and transitions in our journey towards becoming a more inclusive organization whose diversity represents that of the young adults in our network. Not because anyone asked her to, but because she wanted to, and because she understands how to lead, listen and learn through a Diversity Equity Inclusion lens.

When history bends towards justice, it is because of bold, unapologetic, fearless leaders. In Kristin we have that.


Learn more about Kristin: 

KristinMcGuire 2023 headshotKristin McGuire is the Executive Director for Young Invincibles, a national nonprofit dedicated to amplifying the voices of young adults in the political process. Kristin assumes this role having most recently served as YI West Regional Director, where she has spent the last five years empowering young adults to advocate for higher education, health care, and economic policies. 

Kristin brings years of community organizing and policy change expertise to her role as Executive Director. As a first-generation college student from a single-parent household — she is driven by a deep understanding of the needs of under-resourced communities and has helped shift power to young adults from these communities over the last decade.  

Kristin’s recent successes include shaping policies that will protect the financial health of young Californians as they enter adulthood, such as the California Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights 2019 (AB 376), the Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Act of 2019, and the College Student Hunger Relief Act 2016 (AB 1747). But her most prized accomplishment is not her own, it is her mother’s, who integrated her school at the age of seven.

Previously, through her work with the LA County Department of Public Health’s Project TRUST, Kristin organized residents to demand that the City Council mandate smoke-free housing and curb secondhand smoke at parks in communities like Compton, California. She’s also worked to reduce recidivism of young parolees in Los Angeles. 

An active member of her community, Kristin is the first Black American elected to her local school board (November 2020). Her upbringing, family values, and commitment to the community ensure educational success for youth at every level and from diverse backgrounds.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for those who blazed the trail before me. Unsung heroes like my mom truly inspire me to continue to work for generations who will come after me.”

Kristin is the wife of a military veteran and mother to two daughters – a 14-year-old aspiring chemical engineer and a 19-year-old rising Sophomore at UCLA who studies neuroscience – dog mom to Blue, and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., the best sorority in the world.


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Read what others are saying about Kristin:

Kristin is an expert, strategic organizer who will help YI build our organizing muscle in our next chapter. Among Kristin’s list of impressive accomplishments, she has built an incredible network of young adults who have formed the advocacy foundation of this organization. She leads with passion and honesty and has developed trusting relationships that are grounded in respect. Kristin inspires staff, partners, and funders alike. She embodies what it means to believe in young adult power. 

Ari Matusiak, YI Board of Directors


Over my time as Executive Director, I have witnessed Kristin’s proven leadership, passionate advocacy, legislative accomplishments for millions of young Californians, and invaluable insight and partnership to me. Simply put – Kristin is the right person to lead YI. We are tremendously proud to welcome one of our own at YI to the top leadership role.

Rachel Fleischer, Outgoing YI Executive Director


As a longtime supporter of Young Invincibles, Lumina Foundation is excited to see Kristin McGuire leading the organization. She’s done impressive work to expand access and build pathways for students in California and now brings that experience to the national stage. Kristin represents what young people across the country can accomplish—even in this time of extraordinary challenges—when their voices and power are supported in pursuit of ensuring economic opportunity.

Jesse O’Connell, Lumina Foundation


When I think of a mentor, I think of Kristin McGuire. Without a doubt, she has been the most influential and inspirational person in my life thus far. Before getting involved with Young Invincibles, I have always wanted to pursue a career in politics but I wasn’t sure  how to go about it. Kristin gave me the opportunity to advocate for myself and other young adults in the state of California. She gave me the platform and confidence to inspire and lead. I am forever indebted to Kristin McGuire for seeing something bigger in me than I could have ever seen and giving me the ability/platform to make a difference and molding me into the person I am today.

Jay’Riah Thomas, Alum of the 2019 Young Advocates Program


I met Kristin when I was an 18-year-old freshman going to California State University, Northridge. Since then, I have looked up to Kristin and find her to be a pivotal person in my life. Kristin has always been my go-to person when I want to learn more about an issue, how to be a better leader and she has pushed me to grow in so many ways. Kristin and her leadership have taught me in many ways as a human being, as a worker, and as a Black woman who I would like to see going forward in YI and my life. She hates when I call her a mother figure because she thinks I’m calling her old, but I can honestly say that without her guidance, I would not be as knowledgeable, as successful, and as impactful in my work.

Chynna Lloyd, former Young Advocate and current YI West Program Coordinator