With higher education increasingly becoming an entry-level requirement and substantive work experience being expected earlier and earlier, our new report looks at how policymakers in Texas have an opportunity to take proactive steps to improve the ability of working students … Continue reading
Financial Health of Young America
The first in a series looking at financial challenges for young people, this report looks at the declining financial security of Millennials compared to their parents. As a plurality of the workforce, Millennials’ financial security is a national priority.
With youth unemployment among New Yorkers 16-24 years of age at crisis-levels, the need for effective state-based reforms is more important than ever. Read our 4 evidence-based recommendations for NY State.
Header - Paid Sick Leave
This paper will explore Millennials’ current lack of access to paid sick days and the ways that young families could benefit from guaranteed access to paid sick leave.
Students want to overturn the Student Unit Record ban & reform how higher ed data is collected and used. Sign on now!
#HealthyAdulting is a new campaign to provide critical resources to Millennials on all things coverage to care. Our new resource hub will provide all you need to know to find affordable coverage and understand how your health coverage works. 
Featured Photo Entrepreneurship
More than half of young, college-educated people want to, or already own their own business. This reports highlights findings about who these potential entrepreneurs are, and what stands in their way.
Apprenticeships increasingly provide valuable opportunities for young adults, but young adult access to and knowledge about apprenticeships remains low. This report highlights three key misconceptions that Millennials hold about apprenticeships.
There are many factors to consider when picking where to go to college and how to pay for it, but it’s hard to escape the most central: how is it going to impact my financial future?
Check out YI's new 2016 Workforce Priorities, a plan to create 3 million jobs and train more than 1 million workers annually. Continue reading
Millennials' paychecks have taken a hit. Learn more about that could affect their retirement prospects by checking out YI's new polling. Continue reading
Finding Time slider
Click here to download our report on the driving forces behind Millennial poverty. Continue reading
When it comes to state spending on higher education, does your state make the grade? Check out our state report cards here! Continue reading
Click here to see how the health coverage gap affects millions of young adults nationwide. Continue reading
Closing the Race Gap
Closing the Race Gap takes an unprecedented look at the driving forces behind racial disparities in the job market, and how higher education can help fight joblessness. Check out our report here:
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