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Young Invincibles’ Statement on Open Enrollment Launch

October 1, 2013

Contact: Colin Seeberger,, 214.223.2913

Young Invincibles Cheers the Start of 6-Month Open Enrollment Period as Health Insurance Marketplaces Open for the First Time

Enrollment Kicks Off Amidst Young Invincibles’ Nationwide Education Campaign to Educate Young Adults About New Reduced-Cost Options

[WASHINGTON]—Today marks the launch of a 6-month Open Enrollment period, during which consumers across the country can shop for and enroll in a more comprehensive and affordable health care plan on online health insurance Marketplaces. Millions of young people will qualify for free or reduced cost coverage through Medicaid or monthly tax credits for Marketplace plans. Coverage will begin on January 1, 2014.

“Today is a game changer for the millions of uninsured young adults in this country that have never been able to afford health insurance or have been denied coverage for having a pre-existing condition,” said Aaron Smith, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Young Invincibles.

Nationally, 27 percent of young adults between the ages of 18 and 34 are uninsured. About 1 in 6 young people have pre-existing conditions, which means that insurers previously may have denied them coverage. In addition, thanks to Medicaid expansion and tax credits, up to 17 of the country’s 19 million uninsured young adults could be eligible for free or reduced-cost coverage over the coming years, if all states ultimately expand Medicaid.

“The health insurance Marketplaces are desperately-needed lifelines and will bring economic security to millions of young Americans. We encourage all young people to learn more about their options and see how they may be able to save money through the exchanges,” Smith said.

Young Invincibles is in the midst of a nationwide “Healthy Young America” campaign designed to inform this generation about coming changes and new options. The campaign includes health care “train the trainer” sessions to insure that community leaders are informed about new changes; a website with FAQs to educate consumers and advocates; enrollment events to educate young people about their new options; and a mobile app to help consumers learn about their options and find local healthcare services.

For more information about health plan options and savings and to enroll in coverage on the new Health Insurance Marketplaces, please visit


Young Invincibles is a national organization committed to amplifying the voices of young adults, ages 18 to 34, and expanding economic opportunity for our generation. Young Invincibles ensures that young adults are represented in today’s most pressing societal debates through cutting-edge policy research and analysis, and innovative campaigns designed to educate, inform and mobilize our generation to change the status quo.