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Young Invincibles’ Statement on November Enrollment Numbers

December 11, 2013

Contact: Colin Seeberger,, 214.223.2913

Young Invincibles’ Statement on Improved November Enrollment Numbers

Over 1.1 Million Americans Have Been Able to Get Covered Under the Affordable Care Act; Another 1.9 Million Users Have Completed the Application Process

[WASHINGTON]—According to an announcement from the Department of Health & Human Services, since October 1, nearly 365,000 individuals have enrolled in a health insurance plan on both federal and state managed marketplaces. The Department also announced that an additional 800,000 have been determined eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. Enrollment data broken down by age was not released with this announcement.

Aaron Smith, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Young Invincibles released the following statement on the announcement:

“We are encouraged by the clear improvements that have been made to the user experience and increased enrollment rates we saw in November. With almost 1.2 million now covered and an additional 1.9 million consumers having completed the application process, we are confident we will continue to see progress through the month of December. Evidence shows that the enrollment process for young adults takes more time; because of their health literacy gap, we anticipate our education effort and enrollment gains to peak as we get closer to March 31.”

HHS’s announcement comes a week after a new Gallup poll found that uninsured people under 30 said that they are more likely to get covered sometime in the next year than those uninsured individuals over the age of 30. This younger segment of the uninsured also indicated that they were less likely to opt to pay the penalty for foregoing the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that everyone have health insurance.


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