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Young Invincibles Issues Response to President Obama’s Higher Education Tax Credit Proposal

January 17, 2015

Sarah Lovenheim,
Colin Seeberger,

Young Invincibles Executive Director Jen Mishory released the following statement in response to President Obama’s proposal this evening:

“We support President Obama’s plan to simplify higher education tax benefits; for far too long, students and their families have waded through a maze of credits and deductions that prevent many from claiming any benefits at all. With tuition costs soaring and more than 1.2 trillion in loan debt piling high, this proposal is a win for hardworking students. Moving forward, we hope to work with the Administration to preserve tax relief for future low and middle-income student loan borrowers as well.”

Please refer to this report (p.12) on educational tax credits that we filed with partners earlier for further details on our position.