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Young Invincibles Condemns Abbott’s Rollback of Pandemic Control Measures

March 2, 2021
Contact: Juan Ramiro Sarmiento
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Young Invincibles Condemns Abbott’s Rollback of Pandemic Control Measures

(Houston, TX) – Today, Governor Greg Abbott lifted the states’ mask mandate and gave the green light to all businesses in the state to reopen without capacity restrictions. This action comes on the heels of warnings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to governors across the nation against relaxing pandemic control measures. An estimated 740,000 Texans have contracted the virus while 5,600 residents remain hospitalized and an additional 43,000 people have died.

In response, Aurora Harris, Southern Region Director for Young Invincibles issued the following statement:

“The people of Texas are tired. Not long after millions of Texans endured frigid temperatures without lifesaving public services and dozens of Texans died as a result, Governor Abbott is once again endangering the public health of his constituents without a second thought.

There is no doubt that today’s actions by Governor Abbott will inevitably lead to more casualties in a global pandemic that has already taken the lives of 43,000 Texans. Lifting pandemic control measures stands in direct contradiction to the professional and medical advice of federal health experts who have repeatedly warned against such a move. It is simply irresponsible, cruel, and flat-out reprehensible. We condemn the Governor’s actions in the strongest of terms.

Time and again Gov. Abbott legislates from a place of privilege. Having been vaccinated back in December, having full health care and access to the best medical treatment, our Governor intentionally places many Texans without proper access and coverage at greater risk. Ending mask mandates during a pandemic is ignorant and dangerous.

Governor Abbott’s ignorant and dangerous decision will leave him responsible for the pain and death that will follow.”