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Young Invincibles Applauds House Passage of Health Care Reform Bill

Young Invincibles expresses heartfelt gratitude for the House passage of historic health care legislation.   After years of inaction and months of struggle, both chambers of Congress have approved a bill that will expand health care coverage to millions of Americans.

For all Americans, but particularly young Americans, this is a historic moment – a guarantee of affordable, stable health care for all.  This bill will provide our generation with the opportunity to pursue our dreams without fear of a lack of health insurance – thanks to the diligent efforts of hundreds of lawmakers, thousands of advocates, millions of voters, and especially thanks to the tireless work of Speaker Pelosi.

Because of the 219 votes for change, 9 million young adults will now have access to care through the expansion of Medicaid, over 2 million more young adults can access health insurance through their parents’ plans, and millions more will benefit from tax credits that will allow them to afford to buy insurance for the first time.  By providing over 19 million previously uninsured young Americans with access to affordable coverage, this bill is a clear implementation of the change that young voters sought in 2008.

YI eagerly anticipates the passage of the reconciliation bill, which will include student loan reform that helps make college more affordable for our generation.  However, even after its passage, our work is not done.  We look forward to working with Congress and the administration to implement this important piece of legislation. Go here for an overview of the key provisions for young adults and when they take effect.