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YI 2022 Outreach and Enrollment Planning Summit

The Outreach and Enrollment Planning Summit was a great opportunity to hear from experts and advocates in the field, but also a chance to come together as a community and share ideas with colleagues from across the nation. Session topics range from enrollment assister best practices to policy deep dives, and we will offer space for attendees to collaborate and network in preparation for the 10th Open Enrollment Period. If you have an interest in helping your community get covered, you’ll want to check this out!

Welcome to YI’s Outreach and Enrollment Planning Summit!
YI’s Director of Health Policy and Advocacy, Martha Sanchez kick off the summit.

Looking Ahead: The OE10 Landscape

Policy changes impacting the work of assisters have happened at a rapid pace this year. YI’s Director of Health Policy and Advocacy provides an update on where things stand, and examines what lies ahead.

Back to the Future: Assister Reflections on Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
As both policy and society shifts towards a new normal, there is a lot to consider as consumers enroll in coverage. In this session, seasoned assisters reflect on lessons learned throughout the pandemic, and offer tips on supporting successful assister programs.

Get Covered Connector 2022 Preview

For years, the Connector has been helping consumers find expert enrollment assistance in their communities. Join us for a look at how the Connector has evolved to meet the needs of assisters and consumers alike, and learn about forthcoming updates to the tool.

Finding Your Footing: Assister Basics 101
New to enrollment assistance? Join us for this engaging discussion on how new assisters have navigated the work and what you can do to prepare for your first Open Enrollment Period.

Why the Affordable Care Act Matters

Hear from health care champion and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on the resiliency of the ACA, as well as advocates who share their lived experiences as patients navigating the health care system under the ACA.

Coming Soon: Medicaid Unwinding and the End of the Public Health Emergency
The end of the COVID public health emergency will be here before we know it. This session provides a lay of the land for what consumers and assisters can expect, and shares the experiences of state advocates as they work to prepare.

Breaking Down Barriers: Addressing the Coverage Needs of Communities of Focus

While all communities benefit from outreach, education, and enrollment assistance, some experience additional barriers to accessing coverage and care. Panelists discuss the challenges these communities face, and strategies for providing effective and culturally competent outreach and enrollment help.

Getting Technical: Updates on the Enrollment Process 

2022 has seen a lot of changes when it comes to how people access health coverage. This session provides important marketplace updates and a review of the enrollment process itself for OE10.