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Trump Administration Sabotages Open Enrollment By Cutting Off Outreach and Marketing Efforts Critical to Reaching Young Adults

August 31, 2017
Contact: Sarah Schultz,, 202-734-6510

[Washington] – Today, the Trump Administration announced that it will cut grants for Affordable Care Act Navigators, who provide critical assistance in enrolling consumers in the individual health care marketplace, by almost $30 million dollars. Additionally, funding for ACA marketing and advertisements will be slashed from $100 million to $10 million.

Colin Seeberger, Strategic Campaigns Director of Young Invincibles, released the following statement:

“Cuts to programs that help people enroll in health coverage is the Trump Administration’s latest effort to sabotage the Affordable Care Act and the health of Americans. The ACA is the law of the land, and the President has a responsibility to ensure people can get the coverage they need to live healthy and financially secure lives.

Young people, who have historically experienced some of the highest rates of uninsurance yet have made tremendous gains under the ACA, will be among those populations hit the hardest. As new consumers, often engaging with the system for the first time, education and in-person assistance play a critical role in ensuring that young people can learn about the health insurance system, understand their plan options, and complete enrollment.

Next week, Congress is set to begin discussing bipartisan efforts to strengthen the individual market and provide more people health care, yet our President is working against them and all of us who believe that people should be able to access affordable, quality coverage.”