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Texas Apprenticeship Report

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Texas women and mothers are seeking opportunities to make a career transition or enter the workforce, particularly in light of barriers amplified by the pandemic, such as higher likelihood of job loss and increased child care responsibilities. Registered apprenticeships and work-based learning are a highly effective but underutilized tool to provide Texas women a cost-effective path to a new career and financial prosperity. Yet current apprenticeship programs often reveal a vast underrepresentation of women. A robust future for the state’s workforce demands a more robust and equitable approach to work-based learning initiatives. 

This report analyzes the role that registered apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities play in preparing Texas women for meaningful, productive, remunerative employment. According to data from the Department of Labor, women make up barely 10 percent of active federally registered apprentices in Texas. Further, the participants in programs that support the highest paying jobs, such as registered nursing, are disproportionately white.

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The Texas women we spoke with in trade fields and apprenticeships want others to know about these programs. All too often, the career opportunities that work-based learning programs present are unknown, out of reach, or both. Despite the data showing gender gaps in participation, and despite the inequitable distribution of program participation in many cases, every apprentice we met highlighted the financial and educational benefits of their program. We find that a deliberate and consistent effort for outreach and program design must be made in order to provide more access for women and parents. We encourage stakeholders in Texas to create apprenticeship goals and strategies which amplify opportunities for women and parents. Growth in pre-apprenticeships, emerging fields, child care resources, and digital outreach could transform the landscape, building prosperity for women and parents in the Texas workforce.

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