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Student Loans Leaving You Out In The Cold?

Congratulations! You have a degree.  You took out student loans as an investment in your future – and while the job search is tough now, for most of you, it will pay off in the end. In fact, maybe you’ve been lucky and already joined the ranks of the employed. You may be on your way to achieving the American Dream –as long as you don’t plan on including home ownership as part of that dream anytime soon.

Today, Young Invincibles recently released a report showing that:

  • The average single debtor is likely to be ineligible for the typical home mortgage due to debt-to-income ratio;
  • The average single student debtor would pay about half of their monthly income toward student loans & mortgage payments;
  • For couples looking to buy a house, it’s hard to qualify for a home mortgage even if only one of the buyers has student debt.  The scenario gets worse if both buyers have student debt.
Over the last decade, the amount of outstanding student debt has skyrocketed 511%. The average amount of student debt for an undergraduate degree in 1990 was $10,000.  Today, that number has jumped to $25,000.



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Are you outraged? On Friday, YI will partner with Student Debt Crisis and release a Twitter bomb using the hashtag #ListentoTheMillion.  Join us to make your voice heard on this issue!