Share your transfer experience with us!

The needs of transfer students are often overlooked, especially in large institutions such as CUNY. As a result, they are often at a disadvantage in graduating on time. This needs to end now!

As young advocates, our goal is to establish a #SeamlessCUNY, allowing for a seamless transfer between all CUNY colleges. We are working to ensure that CUNY is adhering to transfer course credit policies and addressing student needs through increased transparency of resources and more individualized advising for transfer students by 2024. 

This is where your stories come in, we need your lived experiences to inform CUNY admin and elected officials about what the reality on the ground looks like for everyday CUNY students. If you are a student who has gone through the transfer process, we want to hear from you!

Young Invincibles will never share your story or information without first contacting you.

 You can remain anonymous and still share your story. If you prefer not to share your name, simply include initials for first and last name.