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Step Up New York

This spring, join Young Invincibles for Step Up New York, our virtual advocacy series on some of the most pressing issues facing New York’s college students:

Thousands of New York college students struggled with hunger even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Join our Young Advocates as they share data on food insecurity impacting college students. You’ll also hear from experts and decision makers on how New York is working to end student hunger. 

Transferring to another college shouldn’t prevent a student from graduating — but for thousands of New York students, the transfer process can be confusing and expensive, and put them at risk of leaving college without a degree. Join our Young Advocates to hear new research on the college transfer process, and hear directly from students on the barriers they faced when transferring colleges. You’ll also hear from a panel of experts and decision makers on changes to support college students to graduation. 

Young people are struggling to find mental health support — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join this session to hear directly from students about how they’ve tried to find mental health support on campus. You’ll also hear new student-led research on student well-being during the pandemic, and how young New Yorkers are fighting for more mental health support on campuses across the state.