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On December 1st, join us for the 2023 State of Young New York, our young adult-led policy summit on building a more equitable higher education and healthcare system in New YorkThe event will be hybrid, with options for virtual participation or in-person (encouraged).

The State of Young New York, will build student power and leadership through presentations and discussions. Participants will leave the summit with an understanding of the issues facing New York’s young adults and how to get involved in the fight for change.

The summit will focus on three campaign areas, offering community and policy solutions for many of the issues facing young people in New York.

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1:30 PM-2:15 PM EST: Basic Needs in Higher Ed: Mental Health and Food & Housing Security

The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed and exacerbated disparities in New York college students access to food, housing and mental health services. With rent prices at historic highs, inflated costs for food and groceries, and numerous barriers to accessing mental health services, thousands of our young adults in college are struggling to meet their most basic human needs. How can New York’s leaders adequately address this basic needs crisis? Hear from students and learn how you can help ensure that our academic campuses and communities put student wellness first.

2:30 PM – 3:15 PM EST: Higher Ed Equity: Quality and Affordable Education for All

Today’s students face numerous challenges, from access to completion of an affordable, high-quality higher education. College isn’t necessary for all, but equitable access to it is, especially when the majority of well-paying jobs require a postsecondary degree and students with a bachelors earn, on average, a million dollars more over the course of their lifetime. College is our best means of promoting economic mobility. CUNY and SUNY are among the nation’s greatest engines for this, yet their enrollment rates have decreased since the start of the pandemic. Affordability of tuition and non-tuition costs has been suggested as the top reason students avoid attending college. However, there are a variety of promising solutions that can fast-track students’ journeys to degree completion while making it far more affordable along the way. Join us and hear directly from students on how expanding dual enrollment programs, financial aid, and school funding will create more equitable and effective pathways to postsecondary degrees.

3:30 PM – 4:15 PM EST: Our Vision for Health Care: Coverage for All, Ending Medical Debt, and Reproductive Justice

Our health care system is a mess. We believe health care is a human right, yet millions of New Yorkers lack access to basic health care due to their immigration status. As a sanctuary state, thousands of people also look to New York to access basic reproductive care and abortions, while they’ve become outlawed and severely punishable offenses in other states. Yet, we still have not passed the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Fund to ensure everyone seeking an abortion in New York has the financial assistance needed to do so. Student debt is not the only debt young adults have to worry about–medical debt affects millions of young adults and families across New York State. Hospital prices often lack transparency, non-profit hospitals lack accountability for ensuring folks who qualify for financial aid receive it, and accumulating significant medical debt is a frequent reason for folks delaying or altogether forgoing needed treatments or procedures. Debilitating debt should never be a punishment for accessing health care. Join us to hear from students on the challenges of navigating our complex for-profit healthcare system and the steps to ensure healthcare is accessible to all.


Sign up to attend the session most aligned with your interests, or register for all three. See you there!

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