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Record Number Gains Coverage During 11th Annual Open Enrollment 

January 26, 2024
Contact: Emma Bittner
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Record Number Gains Coverage During 11th Annual Open Enrollment 

(Washington, DC) –  With the eleventh annual ACA Marketplace Open Enrollment ending this month, a record number of people signed up for coverage. As of Jan. 16, over 21.3 million people enrolled in coverage through the marketplace. This number will continue to grow as we enter special enrollment periods and states approach their final enrollment deadlines.

Young Invincibles continues to lead the charge year-round to ensure young people are aware of their coverage options. Through digital ads, emails, social media outreach and live events we were able to reach over 11.5 million young people during this open enrollment period. Now, YI remains committed to supporting the outreach and enrollment community in the next steps following enrollment – how to use this coverage and access care.

In response, Martha Sanchez, Director of Health Policy & Advocacy at Young Invincibles said: 

“A historic number of people enrolled in coverage during this open enrollment period. Ahead of the deadline, over 20 million people had signed up through the marketplace and a total number of 21 million got coverage this year.  

The Inflation Reduction Act, which extended the premium subsidies from the American Rescue Plan, helped millions of people with low incomes continue to be eligible for health plans as low as $0/month. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made getting health care more affordable and accessible than ever, and this open enrollment period has demonstrated why we must continue to invest in the ACA.  

Navigators and community outreach are essential to the momentous success of this open enrollment period and we applaud those who worked diligently throughout open enrollment to help get people enrolled. We will continue to push for more investments in health care until affordable, accessible coverage is a reality for all.”


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