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Pomona Community Paint and Sip Offers Creative Outlet To Discuss Pandemic Impact On Young Adults

April 03, 2023
Contact: Emma Bittner
(972) 510-3395 |

Pomona Community Paint and Sip Offers Creative Outlet To Discuss Pandemic Impact On Young Adults

(Pomona, CA) – Friday, Young Invincibles hosted a community paint and sip, an artivism event powered by the Generation Vaxxed campaign.  The event brought together community members for a guided paint and sip, as well as a discussion on their post-pandemic experiences.

In addition to a discussion on young adults’ mental health in the aftermath of the pandemic, attendees were able to leave with a piece of art they created. This event created a vibrant space to have much-needed conversations about the pandemic and its effects over the last three years.

In response, Jonathan Rodgers, West Outreach Coordinator at Young Invincibles, said:

“Art is an essential means of activism. While it doesn’t seem as apparent as advocating at the Capitol, dropping a card, or attending a rally, it is just as impactful. Our guided paint and sip allowed attendees to not only take a piece of artivism home with them but created a safe space to have necessary conversations about the pandemic’s effect on us.


It’s been just over three years since the official start of the pandemic. In that time, we have experienced so much, and it’s important we make space to discuss the impact. Our community paint and sip is an excellent example of coming together and communal activism.”



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