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New Report Looks at the 25 Best Jobs for Millennials


August 27, 2015

Contact: Sarah Schultz,, 202.734.6510


[WASHINGTON] – Today, Young Invincibles released a new report, “The Best Jobs for Millennials,” highlighting careers that set up young adults for economic security. To develop the ranking, Young Invincibles analyzed 400 occupations considering three key criteria: their median salaries, projected future growth, and percent of positions held by Millennials.

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Millennials are facing a harsher economic landscape than older generations, including an unemployment rate more than 40 percent higher than the national average and median wages that have dropped 10 percent in the last decade. Economic security is a top priority for Millennials, and they need more information about what kinds of jobs lead to better wages, stable employment, and what kinds of education and training is necessary for these occupations.

“Our list highlights a diverse set of occupations that cross industries, value different skill sets, and require a broad range of postsecondary education and training” said Konrad Mugglestone, Policy Analyst at Young Invincibles. “For this generation, the pathway to prosperity is diverse, and that is something to be hopeful about, even in a tough economy.”

Other notable findings include:

  • STEM jobs are highly represented: 13 of the top 25 jobs are in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, and an additional five jobs are in medical fields.

  • There is a gender gap in the top jobs: Four of the top five jobs employ more men than women. This is particularly striking, given that young women are more educated than their male peers, yet men are still taking the majority of top jobs.

  • Marketable skills can be attained in diverse ways: To be qualified for a top 25 job, a young adult can hold varying levels of education or job training, including an apprenticeship, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and beyond.

“This report is a good start at helping young adults weigh their future career options, but as a nation we still have significant work to do to map the education and training pathways that lead to these jobs ” said Tom Allison, Deputy Policy & Research Director, Young Invincibles. “As students are preparing to make crucial decisions – where to go to school and what to study – we should provide them with the information to make the choice that’s right for them.”

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