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Mental Health Is Important

Laiba Amin

Mental health resources are needed on college campuses to ensure student wellness. 

Mental health is an important aspect of our overall well-being, and it is particularly critical for college students who are under a lot of pressure to succeed academically and socially.

Mental health issues are widespread on college campuses across the United States, including New York. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the American College Health Association, “nearly 60% of college students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety in the past year, while more than 40% reported feeling so depressed that it was difficult to function”. These numbers are alarming and show that there is a real need for mental health resources on college campuses. The relevance of this topic is significant, as many colleges and universities are facing increased demand for mental health services from their students. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition that mental health is just as important as physical health, and this has led to more resources being allocated towards mental health services. The debate around mental health resources on college campuses has also gained momentum in Congress, with lawmakers introducing bills to increase funding for mental health programs.

As someone who has personally experienced issues with finding mental health resources on campus, I can speak to the struggles of students who find it hard even to seek help because they feel they will not be supported. This needs to change as this is a right everyone deserves. Mental health is important for our day-to-day lives and in ensuring we lead a successful life. It is extremely important for college students to have access to mental health resources–mental health issues can be debilitating and can impact a student’s ability to learn and succeed in college. Moreover, untreated mental health issues can lead to more severe problems down the road.

Colleges and universities have a responsibility to provide mental health resources to their students. These resources should include counseling services, support groups, and access to psychiatric care. Additionally, colleges should strive to create a culture of openness and acceptance around mental health issues so that students feel comfortable seeking help when needed.

Ultimately, mental health resources are critical for college students in New York and across the country. It is important that we prioritize mental health on college campuses and ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, don’t hesitate to seek help. You are valued and you have a voice. Encourage your peers to find mental health resources and advocate for colleges to increase funding towards such resources!

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Laiba Amin is a senior majoring in Government and Politics with a minor in History at St. John’s University. She enrolled as an undergraduate student at St. John’s at the age of sixteen, which evolved her into an ambitious leader who quickly learned to adapt to change. Her extensive involvement as a student leader at St. John’s has prepared her to think on her feet and tackle unforeseen obstacles. With a deep connection to her roots, Laiba aspires to attend law school and get involved in the world of politics back home. She has always dreamt of becoming a politician to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Over the years, Laiba realized that having an understanding of law and politics is extremely important in the advancement of our society and communities. Laiba has interests in advocacy and higher education as an immigrant living in NYC for the past thirteen years. She is passionate about working towards improving the situation of immigrants and in international relations issues. Being a part of Young Invincibles, Laiba hopes to gain educational and professional experiences to truly make change in the world.