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Introducing our Fall 2023 Texas Young Advocates!


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Janeva Wilson she/her

Janeva Wilson is a master’s student in the Education Policy and Planning program at the University of Texas at Austin. She is an NC native, and an HBCU graduate, receiving her B.A. in Psychology from Winston-Salem State University. Janeva’s personal experiences with marginalization in education as a Black woman have informed her trajectory into education policy. Janeva joined the Young Advocates internship program to gain knowledge and skills regarding equity-oriented policy solutions, mobilization, and activation of other young people impacted by current and future policies. Janeva’s education policy interests center around improving racial equity, access, and opportunity for Black students. She seeks to understand how policies, practices, and systems maintain racial inequality and education, and how people engage with and shape policy to improve the education system. In her free time, Janeva enjoys reading and trying new restaurants.

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.05.11 AMRayne Mouch she/her

Rayne Mouch was born in Tennessee. She went to different schools throughout her childhood to finally graduate at Crandall high school in Texas. She then moved to Tyler to start her degree in early childhood education at the University of Texas at Tyler. Where she is just starting her sophomore year in college. She hopes to become a third grade teacher in Texas. Before joining Young Invincibles Rayne had no prior organizations but was hoping to expand her knowledge on subjects to help herself and the community and her. Rayne has joined the Young Invincibles to help bring awareness to information that’s lacking to young adults.


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Hadi Fareed he/him

Hadi Fareed, a first-generation college senior at the University of Texas at Austin (UT), is pursuing a degree in Kinesiology while aspiring to enroll in a Texas Medical School to become a physician. Outside of his academic pursuits, Hadi dedicates his time as a volunteer patient care coordinator at Ascension Seton Hospital, coaches youth soccer at the YMCA, and conducts clinics in third-world countries. His involvement extends to research, where he explores the link between physical inactivity and Postprandial Lipemia levels while also working on an asthma intervention program in Latinx communities. With a passion for patient education and a commitment to advocate for underrepresented minorities, Hadi brings his invaluable experiences to Young Invincibles, where he aims to create a positive impact.

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Avery Boyd she/her

Avery Boyd was born in Dallas, Texas. Avery attended a variety of high schools across the country before officially graduating from Plano Sr. High School in Plano, Texas. She then moved to Austin, Texas to start her college career at Austin Community College where soon after she was accepted into The University of Texas at Austin. Avery is a senior at UT studying Human Dimensions of Organizations while minoring in Professional Sales and Business Development. Avery is an involved member of the Students in Recovery organization at UT working to support individuals navigating sobriety on campus. Before joining Young Invincibles Avery worked as an Organizational Support intern at Livestrong strengthening her skills in commutation and strategic thinking. Avery has decided to join Young Invincibles to not only expand on her skills but to make a change through her personal experiences to capitalize on the issues that not only she is facing but others out there as well.

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Linley Brown she/her

Linley Brown is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, where she’s majoring in Political Communication. Over the past year, Linley has been hard at work as Legislative Administration Support at the Texas House of Representatives, gaining hands-on insight into policy-making and government operations. Beyond her studies and professional experience, Linley is actively involved on campus, serving as the Policy Committee Chair for the Moody School of Communications Student Council and representing her peers as a Student Senate Representative. Her passion lies in understanding how communication and rhetoric shapes politics, and she’s excited to put her skills into action during her time at Young Invincibles. Linley’s ultimate aim is to contribute to open and well-informed political discussions. In her free time, Linley enjoys going swimming and exploring new coffee places with friends. She’s always up for a good card game or board game night, making the most of her moments with family and friends.

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.12.03 AMEbby Johnson she/her

Ebby Marie Johnson is a Senior at Stephen F. Austin State University majoring in Public health. Ebby intends to use her degree to bring change to health outcomes in underserved areas of Texas. Ebby is also passionate about breaking the stigma of mental health in her community. In her free time she enjoys creative writing and gardening.


Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.12.59 AMDalaya Briggs  she/her

Dalaya Briggs is a senior at Stephen F. Austin St. University with a Business Communications and Corporate Education Major. She enjoys making art in her free time and spending quality moments with her friends and family.



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Shane Tucker he/him

Shane Tucker was born in Houston, Texas. Shane is working towards a masters degree in music but wants to find other ways to strengthen his leadership skills as well as gain and share perspective in the Young Invincibles program. He is hopeful that he will be able to learn and effectively communicate with people about social issues affecting many young people in Texas upon completing the program. Shane spends his free time lifting weights and making pizzas.


Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.15.19 AMLynijah Williams she/her

Lynijah Williams is currently a sophomore at Texas Southern University, majoring Management Information Systems. Lynijah is a proud part of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College at TSU, and is involved in Student Government.




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Favour Umeakuana she/her

Favour was born and raised in Houston, TX. She is currently a third year Biology student at the University of Texas at Austin with a minor in Studio Art and works as a chemistry tutor alongside her studies. Favour joined the Young Invincibles Program because of her passion for issues concerning social justice, particularly within the healthcare field. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine after graduation and looks forward to using her voice to educate others advocate for those most in need through Young Invincibles.


Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.19.38 AMMichael Zimako he/him

Micheal Zimako currently attends University of St Thomas – downtown Houston as a Junior majoring in Computer Science. He has interned at Inprint and the Houston Met Dance where he has also choreographed and taught AfroBeats dances. He has also interned at Rice in high school which gave him an introduction to policy advocation and he chose to join YI to further his knowledge on policy reform and help advocate on and for social issues. In his free time Micheal likes to play soccer and listen to Music.


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Alexis Mitchell she/her

Alexis Mitchell is a transfer student currently enrolled at The University is St.Thomas and currently looking into being admitted into the General Education program. Alexis chose to join YI because she wanted to push herself out of her comfort zone and become more involved in advocating for policy reform as well as keeping up to date on social issues. Alexis’ main interests include reading and finding new music.


Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.22.52 AMAngel Jackson she/her

Angel is a born and raised Houstonian. Angel Jackson brings her knowledge and lived experience to encourage youth. After aging out of care at 18 she realized her passion for bipoc communities on issues concerning dual-status youth and providing children and their families with resources for their well-being. Angel is a Community Health Worker with the University of Houston as well as a Peer Specialist certified through Foster Club. She is a strong advocate for youth justice and racial equity. Angel serves as a Regional lead as a partner with CLASP The Center for law and Social Policy. In addition to serving as a Fellow for the Youth Transition Funders Group.

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Safa Razzack she/her

Safa Razzack is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin. There she is working towards a major in Government and a minor in Business. She deeply values the work being done at Young Invincibles and feels it is important to give a voice to and support systemically disadvantaged and underrepresented populations – and that by elevating these voices, we can work towards creating a more equitable society. In joining YI, she hopes to improve her leadership and communication skills, as well as learn more about what goes into advocacy and the work that is being done to create change in our political processes. During her free time she enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Screenshot 2023 10 03 at 7.24.48 AMNmesomachukwu Ukachi-Nwata she/her

Nmeso Nwata is a student at the University of Houston, where she is studying psychology on the pre-med track, with the hopes to become a pediatrician. Nmeso strives to become a more active member of her community by learning more about policies that directly affect education and health care.