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Helpful Resources for 40,000 Students Impacted by ITT Tech Closure

ITT Technical Institute (ITT Tech), one of our nation’s largest for-profit institutions, announced recently that it is closing all of its campuses. This comes as the Department of Education implemented consumer protections prohibiting the institution from accessing federal financial aid programs when enrolling students. While YI is happy thousands of students will be shielded from ITT’s predatory business practices, many students are wondering what’s next.

The decision impacts approximately 40,000 students across the country enrolled at ITT and it is imperative to ensure those students have access to reliable information as the situation develops.  The Department of Education has outlined possible paths in a message from the Secretary of Education sent to ITT Tech students along with the creation of a new announcement page and FAQ for updates.

Additionally, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) also released a blog post with  advice and next steps, as well as other helpful information, to thousands of students impacted by the closure.

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