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Guest Post: Social Media Day of Action on Student Debt: DON’T DOUBLE MY RATE!!

Originally posted by I AM NOT A LOAN.

We’re partnering with Young Invincibles today to flood social media outlets with one unifying message: Don’t Double My Rate!

Time is running out! On July 1, student loan interest rates will double if Congress doesn’t do anything to stop it. This means that college will become even more expensive, and students will incur more debt by having to pay 6.8% interest on their subsidized federal loans.

Higher education is already expensive enough, and there are solutions out there that can stop interest rates from doubling. It’s up to students to call on their members of Congress to act immediately and pass legislation that is good for students — such as the Student Loan Affordability Act which would keep student loan interest rates low for another two years (supported by Sens. Reed, Harkin, Reid, Murray — and Sen. Warren is a co-sponsor).

Your senators and representatives are elected to speak up for what’s important to you, so make your voice heard and tell them “Don’t Double My Rate!” by participating in today’s Social Media Day of Action.

Here’s what you can do:

1.  Post messages and updates to your Facebook and Twitter account about why this issue matters to you, and make sure you use the hashtags #DontDoubleMyRate and #DreamsNotDebt. Here are some samples:

Click here to post a message on Facebook

Click here to tweet about the campaign to your followers

2.  Write to your members of Congress using this tool and tell them to support the Student Loan Affordability Act.  Senators and Congressmen need to act quickly to keep student loan interest rates from doubling.

3.  Sign this petition and share your story about why it’s important to keep college affordable.

Federal student loans are supposed to help more students access higher education in an affordable, manageable way. Student loan debt should not become such a burden that it prevents graduates from pursuing their dreams or putting off decisions like buying homes and cars.

Want to do more? Head on over to the Young Invincible’s website and see what else you can do to make this Social Media Day of Action an even greater success!

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