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Covered California Website Launch!

By Brian Burrell

In less than 8 months, on October 1, health exchanges across the country will launch and millions of young adults will be able to enroll in Medicaid and health care subsidy programs.

Covered California

But Californians don’t have to wait to learn what this means for them! Covered California, California’s online marketplace to buy low-cost coverage, launched their website this week.

On October 1, the actual Exchange will launch and you will be able to comparison-shop health insurance plans and pre-enroll for Medicaid and health care subsidies that will make health insurance free, or reduced cost depending on your income.

But in the meantime, Californians can calculate how much you’ll be paying next year with the Potential Cost Calculator. You can input your age, number of dependents, and your salary and find out if you’ll qualify for Medicaid, what your subsidy could be, and what your maximum annual health care costs are capped at. In general, if you live by yourself and make less than $15,415, you are eligible for free health insurance through Medi-Cal; if you make between $15,415-$44,000 you may be eligible for a health insurance subsidy, based on your income.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Affordable Care Act, you can check out this helpful fact sheet that explains some of the key terms, including information on the health care subsidies and the individual mandate or the FAQs to see if your questions are already answered. Covered California is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to check back October 1 so you can sign-up for free or reduced-cost health care!