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Colorado Passes Hospital Community Benefit Bill to Hold Hospitals Accountable to Their Communities

May 10, 2023
Contact: Emma Bittner
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Colorado Passes Hospital Community Benefit Bill to Hold Hospitals Accountable to Their Communities

(Denver, CO) –  Today, HB23-1243, a bill that holds nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals accountable to their communities, was signed into law. 

This bill builds upon previous legislation and clarifies what hospital community benefit investments should look like. HB23-1243 requires robust community engagement in identifying local health equity priorities for community benefit spending and strengthening reporting measures. Furthermore, it establishes corrective action and penalties for non-compliance of these hospitals.

The Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Finance will be the administering body, overseeing implementation. Bridging the gap between non-profit, public-serving hospitals and their communities will allow for more significant investment in Coloradans.

In response, Sarah Staron, Rocky Mountain Policy Coordinator at Young Invincibles said: 

“It’s time for Colorado hospitals to join the fight for better access to health care and basic needs. Our nonprofit hospitals are some of the most profitable in the nation and receive significant financial benefits from their tax-exempt status. This bill directs Colorado nonprofit hospitals to spend their community benefit dollars on healthcare gaps that address their particular community’s needs, essentially creating a funding source for local communities to prioritize health equity initiatives.


Young Invincibles will continue to fight for health care for all and uplift the voices of others who want the same. HB23-1243 is a critical step toward health and thriving for countless Coloradans.”


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