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Colorado Ends Regular Session With Several Higher Education Wins, Student Investment

May 09, 2024
Contact: Emma Bittner
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Colorado Ends Regular Session With Several Higher Education Wins, Student Investment

(Denver, CO) –  Today, the Colorado Legislature adjourned their 74th regular legislative session with several bills investing in higher education signed into law or heading to Governor Jared Polis’ desk.

Still awaiting to be signed, SB 24-164 and HB 24-1364 provide necessary advancements to simplify the transfer process, promote equitable degree attainment, and strengthen workforce pipelines. SB 24-164 expands the rights of higher education students, including: transparency on the costs of postsecondary education programs, timely responses on transfer credit acceptance from public institutions, and the ability to appeal decisions regarding credit transfers. HB 24-1364 enhances understanding of costs and savings in expanding access to college credit, industry credentials, and work-based learning. Additionally, it establishes necessary infrastructure for accessible education and workforce data, enabling assessment of program value and impact.

HB 24-1082, now law, designates state higher education institutions as “first-generation-serving institutions” if they meet set criteria, based on resident first-generation undergraduate population shares or obtaining specific designations like the First Scholars Network, promoting inclusivity and support for first-generation students.

Young Invincibles is proud to have advocated on several pieces of legislation that further accessible and affordable higher education for young Coloradans and looks forward to Governor Polis signing the remaining bills into law.

In response, Emmett Blaney, Rocky Mountain Policy Coordinator at Young Invincibles, said: 

“At the end of the 2024 state session, young Coloradans have something to celebrate. Investing in quality higher education and equitable career pathways is essential for students to thrive. Colorado already has some incredible programs that enable young adults to pursue postsecondary education or credentials. But an often missing piece of the puzzle is data, transparency, and accountability. We are thrilled to see these key bills prioritize students’ informed access to higher education.”  

It is imperative that Governor Polis sign SB 24-164 and HB 24-1364 into law and further his commitment to students. Substantial and comprehensive investments in our workforce pipelines and access to higher education are necessary for students’ success.

In response, Gaby Garcia, Young Advocates Program alum, said: 

“The legislative achievements this year mark a significant step forward in enhancing higher education in Colorado. These victories prioritize the needs of our students, particularly those from families with no prior college experience. As a first-generation student and advocate, I am thrilled to see the approvals of higher education bills such as SB 24-164, which will undoubtedly streamline the educational journey for countless students. This legislation underscores a commitment to promoting accessibility and fairness within our higher education system, ensuring that all young Coloradans can pursue their academic goals with clarity and ease.”


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