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And Sequester Continues…

By Frank LaNasa

Nearly two months after the onset of the Sequestration, the outlook for young adults is grim.  Although some may debate the severity of its impact, the general consensus among economists is that sequester is like dropping a bomb on your own recovering economy.   And when Paul Ryan released his budget, a few months ago, the proposal included sequester cuts and even more disinvestment.  Both the Senate and President Obama have recently proposed plans to reverse the automatic spending cuts.

Meanwhile, we face a scenario that could prove devastating to this generation.  A few examples:

  • $86 million in cuts to student aid means 70,000 fewer students will receive grants or Federal Work Study next year
  •  AmeriCorps, a national service program that provides many Millennials with valuable work experience, faces its third consecutive year of funding cuts.

And while Republicans and Democrats may not agree on what to do next, the world of the Internet has had some ongoing commentary.  Check it out:

Prepare Yourself


And saying stuff like this



And this





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