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Affordable Education: Day of Action!

If Congress does not act by then end of year, students across the country will see the cost of college increase. We need you now!  Join us for an online day of action on December 1 to stop these cuts. Send a message to Senate leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin!

Here’s the deal. There are 2 key programs we need Congress to support:

What does it mean for students if Congress fails to act?  An $800 cut from the Pell Grants intended for low income students, and $700 less in tax credits for low and middle-income students. That’s $1,500 that students can’t afford to lose.

On December 1, visit Senator Reid’s Twitter page and Senator Durbin’s Facebook page and let them know that we are grateful for their public service, and we would like for them to continue that great work by fighting for Pell Grants and AOTC.

Remember, in order to post on Senator Durbin’s Facebook page, you have to “like” the page first. To send Senator Reid a message on Twitter, simply address him in your tweets using “@HarryReid“.

Not sure about what to say? Here are some sample messages:

During this holiday season, I am very thankful for the many things I have been afforded as a young American. One of those things is access to quality affordable higher education. With the help of provisions, such as Pell Grants and The American Opportunity Tax Credits, I can achieve my dreams, and contribute to making our country great. Please continue to keep higher education affordable. I am counting on you!

@HarryReid please keep higher education affordable! Continue AOTC and Pell Grants!