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AARP speeds the benefits of key health reform provision to young adults.

Young Invincibles strongly supports AARP’s decision to immediately allow adult children of their employees up to age 26 to join the organization’s health plan on July 1. The move by AARP to implement the dependent coverage rule in the health care reform law immediately reflects the expanding benefits of health care reform for young adults and their families.

We thank AARP for their leadership on this vital issue and for helping to deliver on the great promise of health care reform,” said Aaron Smith, Executive Director of Young Invincibles. “Young adults are the least likely to have health insurance of any age group. At a time when millions of our generation are graduating and trying to find work in a tough economy, this critical provision in the health care reform law could not have come at a better time. The fact that AARP is such a strong proponent of the dependent coverage provision serves to highlight its importance to Americans of all ages. It is imperative that employers allow young people to join or stay on their parents’ insurance as soon as possible.”

AARP’s decision to extend dependent coverage ahead of the legal deadline will make a meaningful difference for AARP employees and their families. Though the provision legally takes effect on September 23, 2010, employers and insurers are not required to offer the benefit until their next plan year’s open enrollment, which is January 1, 2011 for most companies. Young Invincibles is encouraging all employers, particularly those with later plan years, to start offering dependent coverage as soon as possible. Doing so will not only offer the most competitive benefits to employees, but shows great corporate leadership in improving the lives and health of millions of young Americans. AARP joins a growing list of major employers who have voluntarily chose to implement the dependent coverage extension early, including United Technologies, Unum, Eaton Corporation, Bank of America, Harvard University, and Dickinson College.