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2023 YI Impact Report

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Young Invincibles’ mission is to amplify the voices of young adults in the political process and expand economic opportunity for our generation.

Every day around the country, young adults took action to fight for better economic opportunity, and YI continued training the next generation of leaders to achieve their dreams. We empowered young people to share their stories, advocate with elected officials and decision-makers, and organize in their communities. Young adults showed decision-makers that in order to create a more equitable society, those furthest from power and privilege must be heard.

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Can you believe Young Invincibles is about to hit our 15th anniversary? As we approach this milestone, I can’t help but feel immensely proud of how far we’ve come while still being fired up about the work ahead.

This is a pivotal election year, and our mission to amplify young voices and expand economic opportunity has never been more vital. We want to help ensure that our goal of creating a future where the boundless potential of every young person is not just a dream but a reality that shapes the very fabric of our nation. This is the perfect moment to reflect on our accomplishments and refocus our vision for the future.

That’s exactly what we did in launching our new strategic plan, the Power Playbook, this year. This roadmap will supercharge our operations, deepen community engagement, and elevate our policy impact over the next three years. But it’s about more than just the nuts and bolts – the Playbook helps us interweave joy and passion into our daily activism. It centers the very things that give our work its profound purpose and meaning.

Thanks to your incredible support, 2023 was packed with landmark wins. In February, we rallied shoulder-to-shoulder with YI advocates and countless others on the steps of the Supreme Court during the People’s Rally for Student Debt Cancellation, where we called for President Biden’s student debt relief plan. Seeing the sea of young people bravely raising their voices in that historic moment filled me with hope.

Speaking of our unstoppable advocates, the Young Advocates Program leveled up its curriculum to provide even more robust training on issues that young adults care about the most- including community organizing, reproductive justice, and mental health care. My own experiences as a first-generation college student have shown me how essential it is for young people to have access to this type of comprehensive training, as these skills are transferable to real life. I’m proud that our advocates are equipped to be locally trusted guides on these issues.

Lastly, our Youth Advisory Boards continue to be the heart of YI’s work. Seeing these inspiring young leaders roll up their sleeves and direct our mission is just…wow. They make me so optimistic about the future we’re building together.

Truthfully, words can’t capture the full sense of excitement I feel being part of this movement. As we gear up to turn 15, I know that YI will keep blazing new trails and leaving our mark on history. Get ready because the past 15 years were just our warm-up act!

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