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Young Invincibles’ Statement on Deal to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

January 1, 2013

Rae Roca

Young Invincibles’ Statement on Deal to Avoid Fiscal Cliff
Positive Step Forward For Young Americans But More Work Remains To Avoid Devastating Impact of Sequestration

With the House vote this evening, Congress approved a bi-partisan deal to avoid several automatic tax increases and spending cuts that were scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2013.  This important legislation prevents tax increases for millions of young working Americans. For example, Congress extended for 5 years the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which helps over 8 million students and their families defray the cost of higher education. Had Congress failed to extend the AOTC, college costs would have risen for millions of Americans next year. Most of the tax increases included as part of the deal are limited to upper-income earners. Many young workers, however, will see some tax increase due to the expiration of the payroll tax cut.

“Overall we are pleased that the President and both parties in Congress came together to prevent more severe tax increases that could have adversely impacted young Americans and all Americans,” said Aaron Smith, Executive Director of Young Invincibles. “Congress also extended  provisions like the American Opportunity Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and unemployment benefits, that are important to young adults and their families.”

Smith added, “However, we remain deeply concerned about sequestration, which this deal only delays for two months. If Congress allows sequestration to take effect, it would be devastating for young Americans and for the economy. It will cut important education and job training investments vital to our future economic success and the middle class. We continue to believe that a balanced approach is necessary in dealing with these major fiscal and budgetary issues, one that protects and invests in the future of our country. It is critical that the voices of young people are heard in the next stage of this negotiation.”

For more information about how sequestration will reduce education and training training opportunities for young adults, see our report, “A Fight for the Future: Education, Job Training, and the Fiscal Showdown” here:

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