WRAL: Effort for Student Vote on UNC Board Continues Without Adams

“Their longtime champion has left for Capitol Hill, but young people who want more power overseeing the University of North Carolina system are seeking help from others in the legislature. UNC student leaders scheduled a Legislative Building news conference Tuesday with lawmakers to announce an effort to pass legislation giving voting privileges to the student representative on the UNC Board of Governors.” Read more here.

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Time Warner Cable News: College Students Call on Legislators to Ease Financial Burden

By LeAnn Wallace

“Students wanting legislators to stay committed to funding higher education while working to make tuition rates lower met with some of the state’s lawmakers at the Capitol Monday. Called the Young Invincibles, the group is happy with the headway state leaders made in funding higher education during the 2013 session, but concerned they’re getting cut short in current budget proposals in both the House and Senate, particularly when it comes to community college.” Read more here.


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PBS NewsHour: Colleges Appeal to Congress to Cut Regulations They Say Drive up Costs

By Jon Marcus

“When letters of admission go out soon from colleges and universities to hopeful applicants, they’ll be quickly followed by offers of financial aid some advocates for students say require a college degree to understand. Among other problems, the letters often fail to distinguish between grants that don’t have to be repaid and loans, which do.” Read more here.


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Politico Pro: No Special Enrollment Period for Pregnant Women

By Sarah Wheaton

“HHS disappointed some key Obamacare allies by declining to add pregnancy to its list of qualifying life events for a special enrollment period, as part of a final rule released today. In December, 20 groups called on the Obama administration to offer coverage outside of open enrollment to pregnant women.” Read more here. 

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Wall Street Journal: Sign-Up Window to Shift Ahead for 2016 Obamacare Coverage

By Louise Radnofsky

“Next year’s window for signing up for insurance under the health law will clash with Christmas, but not Halloween, as part of a final rule released late Friday by federal officials. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are still affected as well. Open enrollment for 2016 coverage under the Affordable Care Act will start Nov. 1, 2015 and end Jan. 31, 2016, according to revised regulations.” Read more here.

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Modern Healthcare: New CMS Rules Boost Consumer Protections in Exchange Plans

By Paul Demko and Virgil Dickson

The CMS Friday issued final market rules for 2016 for the state and federal insurance exchanges. The regulations include stronger requirements for insurers to provide accessible, reliable information about provider networks and drug formularies so that exchange customers can make informed choices.Read more here.

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Frontline Media: Groups Call for ACA Special Enrollment Period for Pregnancy

By Gregory Twachtman

“The ACA’s 2015 open enrollment period has ended, with 11.4 million people gaining insurance through the individual marketplace. Of those, 8.6 million were either automatically re-enrolled or selected a different plan than they had last year.” Read more here.

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Vox: Should Women be Allowed to Sign up For Obamacare When They Get Pregnant?

By Megan Thielking

“Pro-Obamacare groups have their sights set on a new goal: making it easier for pregnant women to sign up for coverage. Twenty organizations are lobbying the Obama administration to let women sign up for coverage immediately after becoming pregnant — and not have to wait until the next enrollment period.” Read more here.

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Winston-Salem Chronicle: HBCUs Must Exist, Panelists Say

By Chanel Davis

Students from 11 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the state descended onto the campus of Winston-Salem State University last week to talk about how they could contribute to making sure the doors of those institutions remain open.” Read more here.

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Progress Illinois: Critics Slam Rauner’s Budget Over ‘Morally Reprehensible’ Cuts

By Ellyn Fortino

“Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s so-called “turnaround budget” does not call for increased taxes, but, instead, proposes significant cuts to higher education, Medicaid and other essential services as a means to tackle the state’s dire fiscal problems. During his first budget speech Wednesday before the Democrat-controlled state legislature, Rauner said “necessary, but difficult choices” are needed to combat a $111 billion pension crisis and $6 billion budget deficit in the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1. The state is also facing a $1.6 billion budget shortfall in the current fiscal year.” Read more here.

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