Fusion: Policymakers Slowly Acknowledge What Marketers Have Known for Years: Millennials Exist

By Emily DeRuy

“‘People who are most directly impacted should lead their own struggle.’ The comment from immigration reform advocate Prerna Lal concisely sums up a policy symposium just wrapping up in Washington. Millennials Rising, a two-day event convened in a rapidly gentrifying part of the city, was a “by millennials, for millennials” discussion about how young people can promote policies that will lead to a better future.” Read more here.

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Wall Street Journal: Fed’s Bullard Says He Would Consider Continuing Bond Program After October

By Ben Leubsdorf and Michael S. Derby

“The Federal Reserve may want to extend its bond-buying program beyond October to keep its policy options open given falling U.S. inflation expectations, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said Thursday. ‘It would keep the program alive,’ and the Fed’s options ‘open as to what we want to do going forward,’ Mr. Bullard said during an interview on Bloomberg TV.” Read more here.

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California Healthline: State Unveils Health Plan Report Cards

By David Gorn

“On Wednesday, the state released its annual report cards that rate health plans and medical groups for consumers. ‘This is a pretty big day for us,’ said Beth Abbott, the new director of the Office of the Patient Advocate, which puts out the report cards. She said each year the report cards increase in usage, stature and consumer visibility. ‘It’s a wonderful tool for consumers who have to make a choice about a health plan,’ Abbott said.” Read more here.

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EmPower Magazine: These Schools Routinely Cheat Students; Let’s Put A Stop To That

Young Invincibles’ Deputy Director Rory O’Sullivan writes an op-ed for emPower magazine detailing the bad practices of many for-profit colleges:

“They run ads suggesting you can become an astronaut with any degree. They encourage you to lie to get more financial aid, and they recruit you with phone calls that greet you at the end of the long day with a cheery voice. Their programs, they assure you, will lead to job prospects and financial security, except they routinely do not.” Read more here.

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Orange County Register: Kaiser Tops Health Report Card in Orange County, State

By Bernard Wolfson

“Kaiser Permanente got top marks among HMOs and medical groups in Orange County and across California, according to the most recent edition of a state-sponsored health care report card released Wednesday. The 14th annual report by the Office of the Patient Advocate gave Kaiser’s Southern California HMO the highest possible rating – four stars – for adherence to widely accepted standards of care and for overall patient satisfaction.” Read more here. 

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U.S. News & World Report: What to Know if Your College Loses Federal Funding

By Susannah Snider

“Here’s the good news: A greater percentage of students are repaying their federal loans. The most recent three-year student loan default rate dropped from 14.7 percent to 13.7 percent, according to data from the Department of Education. But for a handful of colleges – and their students – these data come laced with some very bad news.” Read more here.

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Moms Rising: Six Ways To Get Health Coverage Before Open Enrollment – In English Or Spanish!

Young Invincibles’ California Outreach & Spanish Media Coordinator Maria Beltran writes a blog post discussing the ways both English and Spanish speakers can get health coverage before this year’s open enrollment period begins on November 15th:

“Signing up for health insurance can be a difficult process to navigate, especially if English is not your first language. My parents had a very hard time with thisand I want to make sure no one else does. My parents migrated to the U.S. 26 years ago. Spanish is their first language, and they – like so many other people who migrate here — have a very limited vocabulary in English.” Read more here. 

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Global Post: President Obama: America’s Millennials Not Really a ‘Lost Generation’

By Jessica Mendoza

“President Barack Obama is offering a new commitment to American millennials, but with youth unemployment and student debt levels still oppressively high, the country’s largest generation has withdrawn some of its once-fervent support for him.” Read more here.

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Yahoo Finance: Why the White House is Wooing Millennials

By Rick Newman

“The White House just published a paper highlighting “15 economic facts about millennials.” The report doesn’t reveal much we don’t already know about millennials, but it does pull together the whole range of challenges they face in one concise summary: There aren’t enough good jobs for young workers. Student debt is out of control. A weak economy is forcing millennials to delay many important life decisions, such as buying a home, getting married and having kids.” Read more here and watch Young Invincibles’ Executive Director Jen Mishory speaking with Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman below:

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