Mishory: States need to properly invest in higher education to help curb college debt

Appearing on C-Span’s Washington Journal, Young Invincibles Executive Director Jen Mishory discusses state disinvestment in higher education and the role it is playing in driving up college tuition and student debt. Here is a clip from the segment.

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City Colleges of Chicago Tuition Increase Hits Part-time and International Students Hard

“Community colleges get at something fundamental to the classic American dream – they serve as a melting pot where students from different cultures can learn skills that lead to successful careers and financial security. Community colleges also historically provided educational opportunities to underserved communities including international students, young parents, and students who must work full-time to afford school.

That’s why I was shocked when City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) announced a tuition hike that would almost double the cost of education for many students.” Read more at Reboot Illinois by clicking here.

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US big businesses to hire 100,000 young people under Starbucks CEO plan

“Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz on Monday launched a plan for more than a dozen big US businesses to hire 100,000 young unemployed people by 2018. The plan, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, is aimed at trying to help the roughly 5.5 million Americans aged 16 to 24 who do not have jobs and have dropped out of education, a group economists have dubbed ‘disconnected youth’.” Read more at The Guardian by clicking here.

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Starbucks To Announce Youth Jobs Program

Starbucks on Monday will announce a major new jobs program designed to combat youth unemployment, the company said. A collaboration with a host of other companies, including Macy’s, CVS, JPMorgan Chase and Microsoft, the program — dubbed 100,000 Opportunities Initiative — will create 100,000 apprenticeships, internships or jobs for people ages 16 to 24 by 2018.” Read more at the Los Angeles Sun Post by clicking here.

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Are Unpaid Internships Barriers to Success for Some Students of Color?

“Internships are supposed to open doors. But what happens when they are only accessible to those who can afford to work for free?

Maxwell Love, president of the United States Student Association, and other student advocacy groups worry that the answer is a decline in the socioeconomic and racial representation of the nation’s interns.

An inability to take an internship because it doesn’t pay is an issue that Love says his group hears about frequently.” Read more at the National Journal by clicking here.

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New York Lets Pregnant Women Sign Up for Obamacare Coverage

When people buy insurance policies through an Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange, they have to do it during a set enrollment period unless they’ve just gotten out of prison, gotten married, lost previous coverage, had a baby or experienced some other ‘qualifying event.’ Being pregnant, however, isn’t one of those events. ‘A lot of people have assumed that meant ‘if I’m pregnant, I’m having a baby and I can sign up,’ so we’ve had to do some consumer education to clarify that,’ said Christina Postolowski of the group Young Invincibles, which advocates for millennials.’ Read more at Governing Magazine by clicking here.

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California Can Become a National Leader, or Risk the Health of Undocumented Families Like Mine

“Just a few weeks ago, my mom entered a crowded emergency room to seek help for a painful stomach condition that’s been making her sick for months on end. After several hours of waiting, she received medical attention and a bill for thousands of dollars in lab results and X-rays.

It’s hard to see her suffering and in pain, and it’s especially hard to know that the main reason she can’t access the routine care she needs is because of her immigration status.” Read more at the Huffington Post by clicking here.

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Designing a Federal Ratings Tool

“Last week, the Department of Education walked back from its plans to develop a comprehensive college ratings system. In its place, the department plans to release ‘easy-to-use tools that will provide students with more data than ever before to compare college costs and outcomes.’” Read more at Inside Higher Ed by clicking here.

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Administration to punish colleges for poor education

“The Obama administration will begin penalizing colleges that do not prepare students to find jobs in their chosen career paths after graduation.

The Education Department’s controversial ‘gainful employment’ regulations went into effect Wednesday. The rules target for-profit colleges and universities that do not adequately prepare students for life after graduation.” Read more at the Hill by clicking here.

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Barack Obama pushes for-profit colleges to the brink

“On Wednesday, the Obama administration will begin choking off the financial lifeline of for-profit colleges whose graduates can’t find well-paying jobs — and the move is likely to accelerate a wave of shutdowns for an industry taking assaults from all sides.

Reining in the multibillion-dollar industry has been the administration’s goal for most of President Barack Obama’s term in office, fueled by complaints that for-profit colleges lure students with misleading promises, then saddle them with debts they can’t pay back despite their newly granted degrees. Its latest tool is the Education Department’s long-debated ‘gainful employment’ rule, which requires colleges to track their graduates’ performance in the workforce and eventually will cut off funding for career training programs that fall short.” Read more at Politico by clicking here.

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