Albany Herald: Roundtable Called in Albany to Get Young Adults Connected to Affordable Care Act Coverage

By Jennifer Parks

“The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act marketplace is about to roll around again, prompting officials to start another push to get young adults covered. Kaissa Denis, Young Invincibles navigator and state outreach coordinator for the Washington, D.C. and Virginia area, spoke at a roundtable discussion at Albany State University on Thursday with Albany area leaders on how to get young adults connected to Affordable Care coverage ahead of the next open enrollment period.” Read more here.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education: Are Demographics Destiny? Student Advocates and For-Profit Colleges Disagree

By Kelly Field

“Student and consumer groups, worried that the Education Department is considering softening its proposed ‘gainful employment’ rule, are challenging a study that suggests that demographics drive student outcomes. In a brief published on Wednesday, the group Young Invincibles argues that the study, which was commissioned by the Association of Proprietary Colleges and published in May, suffers from methodological flaws and a ‘biased framing of the results.’” Read more here.

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Rory O’Sullivan: Millennials Will Be Watching

Young Invincibles’ Deputy Director Rory O’Sullivan writes for The Hill’s Congress Blog on student loan refinancing as it comes up for a vote this week in the U.S. Senate:

“The soaring cost of college and static federal financial aid support have left millions of students with no option but to take out private loans to pay for college. This has severe financial consequences. Unlike federal loans, private loans lack protections like interest rate caps or income-based repayment programs that reduce monthly bills. That can mean hundreds of dollars more per month in payments that many borrowers simply can’t afford.” Read more here.

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Born in ’88? You’ll Want to Read This

By Marlon Marshall, Special Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Director of Public Engagement for The White House, and Jen Mishory, Executive Director of Young Invincibles

“If you’re turning 26 this year, then you know that 1988 was more than just the year the movie Big premiered or that Michael Jackson sang Man in the Mirror—it’s the year you were born!” Read more here.

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Jessica Adair: Expanding Coverage for Young Texans

Young Invincibles’ Digital Outreach Manager and Texas-native Jessica Adair writes for the Burnt Orange Report about today’s hearing in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, addressing those who currently fall in the state’s “coverage gap”:

“Newly appointed Chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Senator Charles Schwertner, is holding a hearing at the Capitol today on the state of health insurance in Texas. This hearing will set the tone for what’s bound to be a long debate over how to cover millions of uninsured Texans, while managing the cost of health care. Here’s how we got here, and here’s what you should keep in mind.” Read more here.

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Colin Seeberger: We Can’t Afford to Leave Money on the Table

Young Invincibles’ Press Secretary Colin Seeberger kicks off our new monthly feature in emPower Magazine with a column on his experience with the complicated FAFSA form and how students facing the same problems can become involved in Young Invincibles’ Student Impact Project:

“This fall, over 13 million 18- to 24-year-olds across the country will go to college in pursuit of the American Dream by earning a degree. Unfortunately, they will graduate, on average, with more student loan debt than any earlier generation. And many will leave school without completing their degree due to financial hardship. But there are steps we can take to do something about that.” Read more here.

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NPR Morning Edition: Young Americans Make Up the Most Unemployed Generation

As part of Morning Edition’s youth unemployment series, NPR’s David Greene spoke with Young Invincibles’ Deputy Director Rory O’Sullivan about broader credentialing options that exist for graduating high school students, the disproportionate ratio of students to guidance counselors, and optimism moving forward for today’s job-seeking millennials: 

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Univision Palm Springs: Periodo Especial de Inscripción Para Reforma de Salud

La Coordinador de Alcance y Medios de Comunicación en Español de Young Invincibles, María Beltrán, hablo con Enrique Chiabra de Univision Notivalle sobre como obtener cobertura médica a través del Período Especial de Inscripción para las personas que enfrentan particulares circunstancias, a continuación:

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Aspen Institute Identifies Young Invincibles’ Closing the Race Gap Report as Best Idea of the Day

On August 11th, Young Invincibles’ Closing the Race Gap report was highlighted by The Aspen Institute in their ongoing series Five Best Ideas of the Day as their number one pick:
Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.11.40 AM

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The Atlantic: Black Men Need More Education Than White Men to Get Jobs

By Margaret Barthel

“Meet Steve and Kwame, two fictional guys who just graduated from the University of Maryland. Almost everything about them is weirdly identical—they majored in the same subject, they got the same grades in college, they have the same bullet points on their resumes—but Kwame is African American and Steve is white.  Now, they’re both spending their post-pomp-and-circumstance summer looking for jobs. Do they have the same employment prospects?” Read more here.


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