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Your Health Care Navigation Stories, in 1Graf

When Open Enrollment approaches, so can a lot of fears connected to navigating coverage. A number of obstacles can impact the likelihood a young person will sign up for health care, one of them being sheer discomfort and lack of navigation. We asked young people about their level of comfort and knowledge on their health care packages, and what they’d like to learn.

Miles Le, 23

Navigating health is still difficult. Reading through the clauses of the plans, making sure to pick something that would cover what I need and still be affordable isn’t exactly what I want to be worrying about when there’s a million other things to worry about as well. I just want to know why medical care has to be purchased instead of being something that’s inherent to being alive. That and how to best use my healthcare plan without bankrupting myself at the same time.

Kreig Rajaram, 26

I visited the doctor for the first time in years this April. I was excited and nervous because it would be my first time going to the doctor as an “adult”. I have been to the doctor as a person in my 20s before but never under my own health insurance. This time it was all on me. I was the primary care holder and I was in charge because I had pretty good knowledge of my plan. I knew what my visit would cost going in and how I would be billed. I knew that since this visit was an annual checkup it was going to be free as preventative care and I took full advantage of it by asking every question under the sun. Now I want to learn more about all the other benefits that my health insurances offers like discounts on gym memberships and nutrition planning help, both of which will help me stay on top of my health.

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