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Young Invincibles Releases Report on EITC Focused on Increasing Tax Benefits for Young Adult Workers

March 27, 2023
Contact: Juan Ramiro Sarmiento
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Young Invincibles Releases Report on EITC Focused on Increasing Tax Benefits for Young Adult Workers

(Washington, DC) – Today, Young Invincibles released a report examining the American Rescue Plan’s (ARPA) expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Certain tax provisions in ARPA expire this tax year, including the childless worker provisions that benefit millions of young adult workers across the country. The report utilizes public data available through the U.S. Census Bureau to demonstrate how the EITC has arbitrarily excluded them from the program because of age. 

“When you look at the amount of young adult workers without dependents in the past years with income under the EITC requirements, it is clear the program is overlooking a significant population of workers from low-income communities who need economic assistance,” said principal investigator Alex Lundrigan.

Along with the report, Young Invincibles is leading a consumer education campaign aimed at mobilizing young adults around the issue. Through education and advocacy, Young Invincibles intends to demonstrate to legislators that young adults are watching and care about this issue. 

“Even experts can find taxes complicated. However, EITC translates to money in bank accounts. Young adults are paying attention to where Congress decides to direct the flow of those benefits transfers, especially now that they know if otherwise eligible, the only reason they could not receive money is their age,” said Executive Director Kristin McGuire.

Young Invincibles is also engaging with legislators. Currently, Congress has one bill introduced addressing the expired tax provisions in ARPA along with further expansions to EITC. Young Invincibles formally endorsed H.R. 1468 the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act from Representative Gwen Moore’s office. The bill further expands EITC to caregivers and low income college students with earned income.


Young Invincibles (YI) is a national advocacy and policy nonprofit organization focused on amplifying the voice of young people in the political process at the local, state, and federal levels. YI focuses on issues impacting young adults ages 18 to 34 in higher education, health care, economic security, and civic engagement. Our offices include Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, and Texas. For more information, please contact Juan Ramiro Sarmiento at (785) 760-6567 or