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Young Invincibles Policy Brief: New Poll Finds More Than Half of Millennials Want to Start Businesses

Access to Capital and Lack of Know-How Are Key Barriers

With the economy struggling to get back on track, the country needs bright new ideas now more than ever. Unemployment is especially high for young people: In September 2011, the rate was 17.4 percent for 16- to 24-year-olds, and the total number of jobs
for those ages 18 to 34 remains 2.5 million below its pre-recession level. Encouraging innovation among young people can be an important way for new life to be injected into the economy and can help to put some young people back to work. Luckily, young people do not need much convincing. Young Americans, especially young people of color, would like to help get the country working again by starting their own businesses.

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