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Young Invincibles’ Letter to Sen. Dick Durbin Opposing Borrower Defense Rule

Under the Trump Administration, Secretary DeVos’ Department of Education has consistently pursued policies to embolden fraudulent, predatory colleges and universities who defraud students. For instance, the Department of Education has refused to take action on a massive backlog of more than 200,000 pending borrower defense claims from defrauded students — and they haven’t processed a single claim in over a year.

The Department of Education’s borrower defense rule will make it more difficult for defrauded borrowers to obtain relief afforded them under the law. By pursuing rules like these, Secretary Devos and the Department of Education are showing they’re more interested in protecting deceptive college and universities than they are defending students.

That’s why Young Invincibles sent Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois a letter urging him to bring a vote on a Borrower Defense Congressional Review Act resolution to the floor to defeat this borrower defense rule. Read the letter from Executive Director Rachel Fleischer.