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Young Invincibles in Florida

Did you know that over one in three young adults living in Florida between the ages of 18 and 34 are uninsured? That’s higher than both the state and national average. To help get the word out about the Affordable Care Act, Young Invincibles partnered with Florida CHAIN to host a health care training and discussed the how the  health care law affects young adults.

Is Health Insurance Really Necessary?

Imagine having to walk around campus with a bum leg for a year because no one will treat your sports injury. This scenario was the reality for one University of South Florida student who couldn’t afford health insurance.

For another student, health insurance would have allowed him access to a primary care physician, saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars.  His now $200,000 hospital bill would have cost him approximately $200 with insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, his story isn’t unique.  Thousands of Americans go to the emergency for treatment that could have easily been prevented by routine check-ups from a physician. Without health insurance, the emergency room is the only option for many Americans.

Tampa Talks

While in Tampa, we talked with the students about the many benefits insured young adults can receive including:

Staying on Your Parent’s Health Insurance

Many of the students have already take advantage of this option.  If you’re under 26 and your parents have health insurance, you can stay on their plan. Preventive care screenings like a routine check-up or birth control means no co-pay for you.

The Future of Health Care

We also discussed some of the changes to come to health care.  For example, annual limits and denial for pre-existing conditions like diabetes or asthma will go away in 2014.  We’re excited about doing more work with several communities in Florida as we approach the open enrollment in October.

You might be in a state that has begun setting up the exchanges; other states will participate in a national exchange. Exchanges are marketplaces where you can shop for health insurance and compare different plans. If you can’t afford health insurance, your state may have Medicaid for young adults. For working adults making lower wages, you may be eligible for help in lowering the cost of your insurance plan.

Yeah, There’s An App for That!

Does insurance talk have you confused? Whether you want to look up an insurance term, find a nearby health clinic, rest easy, Young Invincibles has your back. You can download our mobile app on your iPhone or Android here.


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