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Young Invincibles Endorses Earned Income Tax Cut Expansion, Bringing Needed Relief to Young Workers


April 1, 2014

Contact: Colin Seeberger,, 214.223.2913

Young Invincibles Endorses New 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act

Legislation Would Bring Needed Relief to Young Workers Struggling to Evade Poverty

[WASHINGTON]—Today, Young Invincibles announced its support for the 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act, a bill introduced last week by Senators Patty Murray (D-WA), Jack Reed (D-RI), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH). The deficit neutral 21st Century Worker Tax Cut Act would nearly triple the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) available to childless workers, expand the eligibility range to 133 percent of full-time earnings at the federal minimum wage, and lower the qualifying age from 25 to 21. The bill would also include a new tax deduction for secondary earners looking to re-enter the workforce but facing high child care costs.

Jennifer Mishory, Deputy Director of Young Invincibles, released the following statement on the legislation:

“The Earned Income Tax Credit has already been a powerful tool to reduce poverty among low-income young workers and to provide the means for young parents to provide a brighter future for their children.  This bill’s welcome improvement to the EITC ensures that expanded benefits are available to childless workers, many of whom are young and trying to build their lives.  It also ends the unfair exemption of workers under 25 – workers who are often struggling the most with low wages, underemployment, and financial insecurity.  The proposal outlines a major step to lift countless young workers out of poverty and protect those workers during times of financial struggle.”


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