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Young Invincibles Delivers Testimony at New York State Workforce Hearing

January 25, 2017
CONTACT: Sarah Schultz, sarah.schultz@younginvincibles.org202-734-6510

[Albany, New York] — Today, Kevin Stump, Northeast Director of Young Invincibles, will deliver testimony at the New York State Legislative Workforce Budget Hearing. Please find his full testimony here. It underscores the critical need for training and skills development among New York’s disadvantaged young adult population. Young adults in New York age 16-24 face a stubbornly high unemployment rate of 15 percent. In particular, Kevin’s testimony focuses on the need to repurpose the Urban Youth Jobs Program–a flawed tax credit that does nothing to train up young adults and offer ways the state can better use that money.

Young Invincibles recently released a report examining the Urban Youth Jobs Program, state’s single largest youth jobs investment, demonstrating that the program does not meaningfully impact employer behavior. It also recommends how to reallocate funding to a number of other state programs, including apprenticeships. Please find the full report here: Sounding the Alarm: New York’s Young Adult Unemployment Crisis & The Need for State-Based Reforms.