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Young Invincibles Applauds President Obama’s Commitment to Fight Rising College Costs


August 23, 2013

Contact: Colin Seeberger,, 214-223-2913

[WASHINGTON]—Yesterday, President Obama detailed policy proposals to make college more affordable, including ones to rate colleges and tie aid to better performing schools, incentivize states to better fund their public schools, and expand income-based repayment options.

Aaron Smith, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Young Invincibles, said:

“President Obama’s leadership around college affordability is exactly what students are looking for. Schools and states need to improve at keeping down college costs and debt levels, and at helping students graduate and get jobs. Many of the proposals laid out by the President are big steps forward that could truly shake up the broken status quo of our higher education system. We look forward to working with the Administration over the coming months to ensure that these proposals work for all students, particularly low and moderate-income students, who have seen the cost of college skyrocket out of reach over the past decades.”

 President Obama’s announcement comes after recent findings by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that total student loan debt has topped $1.2 billion.


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