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Young American Voters to Engage Candidates on the State of America’s Future at National Convention

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Young American Voters to Engage Candidates on the State of America’s Future at National Conventions

Roundtable Discussions Set for Republican and Democratic National Conventions in Tampa and Charlotte

WASHINGTON, DC – As the Republican and Democratic National Conventions commence and as millions of Americas weigh the decision of this year’s presidential election, young Americans will challenge candidates of both parties to address pressing issues facing Generation X, Generation Y, and Millennials.

In Tampa and Charlotte, Young Invincibles – a national organization and voice for young Americans – will host roundtable events with intergenerational voters to discuss the future of the American Dream, how economic opportunity has changed across generations, and what each presidential candidate must do to advance and preserve the economic, educational, and social well-being of future generations.

Each roundtable will highlight an intergenerational infographic from Young Invincibles detailing the differences between today’s young adults and their parent’s generation. To download the infographic, visit


WHAT:      Young Invincibles Democratic National Convention Roundtable

WHEN:       September 5, 2012
11 a.m. – 12.p.m.

WHERE:     Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
130 North Tyron Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Moderated by Celinda Lake, a prominent pollster and political strategist who currently serves as President of Lake Research Partners. Lake’s book “What Women Really Want,” which she co-authored with Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, examines the way women are changing the political landscape in America.

*Refreshments provided


WHAT:      Young Invincibles Republican National Convention Roundtable

WHEN:       August 28, 2012
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

WHERE:     Centro Asturiano de Tampa,
1913 North Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33602

Moderated by Dr. Susan A. MacManus, a leading expert on politics in Florida, and nationally known for her incisive commentary on public opinion and intergenerational politics. Her book “Young vs. Old: Generational Combat in the 21st Century,” examines the implications of an aging population on American politics.

*Refreshments provided

Media, please note
: One-on-one interviews may be scheduled with young voters, panel moderators, and Young Invincibles Executive Director Aaron Smith at each event.


Young Invincibles is a national organization committed to amplifying the voices of young Americans, aged 18 to 34, and expanding economic opportunity for our generation.  Young Invincibles ensures that young Americas are represented in today’s most pressing societal debates through cutting-edge policy research and analysis, and innovative campaigns designed to educate, inform and mobilize our generation to change the status quo.