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YI Joins Today’s Students Coalition

Today, we have the most diverse generation of students in our nation’s history—in age, race, income and work experience. From working adults and parent learners to job-seeking veterans and first-generation students, today’s generation of students needs policies that reflect their needs, experiences, and aspirations.

They need a system of student aid that is more flexible, affordable and aligned with in-demand jobs. They need robust supports to help them successfully complete their journey. But, too often, federal policy is a barrier, rather than a solution.

That’s why Young Invincibles is teaming up with nine partner organizations to create the Today’s Students Coalition. This cross-cutting group of policy, advocacy and membership organizations will push for urgently needed policy changes that will better serve today’s students. Together, we are the Today’s Students Coalition.

Visit There, you can explore our priority issues, sign up for Coalition updates, and contact us with questions. Our work has just begun, so be sure to sign up to receive emails on how we’re taking action for today’s students.